Coastal Carolina Eye Clinic is now a part of Wilmington Eye! For additional information, please follow Wilmington Eye on Facebook.

Why is this happening?
By combining forces, we will continue to remain leaders in quality care, and be able to offer you the latest medical advances. The merger will allow us to provide you access to additional eye care services, physicians, and locations.

When is the merge happening?
The merger took place on August 13, 2018. Internal updates such as phone systems and medical records are still in progress, but won’t affect your quality of care or visit.

Will my physician or location change?
No. Your physician, office location, and quality of care will not change.

Will there be a change in what insurance plans are accepted?
Not at this time. During the transition, we will continue to accept the same plans. After August 13th, please visit or call 910.763.3601 to confirm that your plan is accepted.

Do I need to let my insurance provider or anyone else know that the practice has merged?
No, you do not need take any action.

How will the merger benefit me?
The end result of the merger will be to give you better access to additional services, physicians and locations. It will improve efficiency and lower expenses which will translate to a better experience for you.

Will the merged practice have a new name?
The merged practice will operate under the name Wilmington Eye.

Will any staff lose their jobs?
No, all of our staff will remain in their current roles. After the merger takes place, it’s possible they may rotate between Wilmington Eye’s additional locations.

What will happen to my medical records?
The medical records for the two practices will eventually be accessed by one Electronic Health Records System. Our current EHR will be updated to the same system as Wilmington Eye during the coming months. Your records will stay safe and your information will not be shared.

Will the patient portal still be active?
The patient portal will remain active until your records have been transferred to the new Electronic Health Records System. Once the upgrade is completed, you will need to access your records from Wilmington Eye’s patient portal. We will provide you the necessary information to create your new patient portal log-in at your next appointment. Please know that your health information is secure.

How will I be able to make an appointment?
Please use our current phone numbers to book your appointment.

Will operating hours change?
No. Our operating hours will remain the same.

Will you still offer the same services?
Our physicians and services will not change. With the merger, you’ll gain access to additional services, physicians and locations. To learn about additional eye care services that Wilmington Eye provides, visit

Will it be harder to get an appointment?
No, additional physicians and office locations should make it easier to get an appointment.

Who do I contact if I have any concerns?
If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail, or call either Wilmington Eye at 910.763.3601 or Coastal Carolina Eye at 910.763.7316. You can also follow Wilmington Eye on Facebook for any additional updates.

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