According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, cataracts affect more that 25.7 million Americans aged 40 and above today. The condition is distinguishable by the cloudy area that appears around the lens of the eye. This condition is the most common cause of vision loss, and the only way to remove the cloudiness caused by cataracts is surgery. At Coastal Carolina Eye Clinic, we are dedicated to offering reliable eye care to manage such conditions.

Signs You Need Cataract Surgery

During the initial stage of the condition, it is possible to control cataracts by using magnification, strong bifocals, new glasses, or other visual aids. However, the condition can advance to an extent that impairs your vision, affecting your normal life. At this point, it is necessary to get cataract surgery to regain your vision.

What to Expect in a Consultation

During the consultation, our doctors review your medical history and symptoms to identify the possible cause of the condition, as well as perform an eye exam. You may undergo several tests such as a visual acuity test to determine how well you read letters, a slit-lamp examination for the doctor to see the internal eye structure, or a retina exam to examine the back of the eyes.

What to Expect After Cataract Surgery

After the surgical procedure, you will experience eye discomfort for a couple of days. You can expect to recover fully after a period of around eight weeks. If both eyes require surgery, the second surgery will only occur after the first eye heals from the initial surgery. For some cases, a patient may need eye examinations to monitor the healing of the eye.

From regular eye examinations to surgeries, the team at Coastal Carolina Eye Clinic prides itself on offering full eye care service to our patients.